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More To Massage Than Meets The Eye

More To Massage Than Meets The Eye      


A weekly massage may seem indulgent, but new research suggests it can have major health benefits.....

Relaxation feels wonderful, but it also serves a an important physiological purpose.

When our body relaxes it allows the function that heal and restore your body to take place.

Life is all about balance!        

Our bodies strive to maintain optimum health by keeping all our systems in balance.

What is Massage?          

Massage relaxes tense muscles and stimulates the bodies communication lines to help it do its job.

Massage is a hands on therapy that uses various different techniques that manipulate the soft tissue of the body to deliver relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole or part of your body.

Benefits of massage      

Reduces Stress      

Lowers Blood Pressure     

Relieves Pain and Tension    

Loosens Contracted Muscles     

Improves Posture          

Helps with Emotional Balance         

Stimulates Circulation      

Enhances Skin Conditions      

Helps with Depression and Anxiety       

Increase Range of Movements in Joints     

 Here at equilibrium we have created a variety of affordable treatments that can help you achieve that balance.

 In todays modern busy lifestyle, it is important to listen to our minds and our bodies and take some time for self-care.




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